Rode Lotus Cup 2023 #1 Riichi

The Leuven Mahjong Club Rode Lotus presents it's first ranked Riichi tournament on 22-23 april 2023. This is the first part of the Rode Lotus Cup 2023, the second is #2 MCR on 9-10 september.

The location of the tournament will be in the center of Leuven, at the bridgeclub Pieterman, Brusselsestraat 61. There will be 9 hanchans : 5 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday.  Gong after 75min: finish the game + 1 more. The maximum number of players is 48. We'll play EMA Riichi rules. Referees Piti Phanpanich and Pierre Beinstingel (tbc).

Schedule :

Prizes : individal prizes for 3 highest ranked + additional prize to be awarded for best performance on both Riichi and MCR tournaments.

Practical information :

  • Variety of sandwiches for lunch, with vegetarian/vegan options
  • On Friday evening there will be occasion for pre-registration and social play at the same venue.
  • On Saturday evening you can join for a group dinner at a traditional restaurant nearby (2-courses 30€, drinks not included).
  • There is no parking space at the venue, but there are several parking lots at walking distance. It's a 15min walk from the train station and there are also bus stops nearby.

Registration : the tournament is full, we can only accept registration as substitute player. Please note that by subscribing you agree with the following conditions:

  • Personal data is used for organizational purposes (i.e. badges, presentations, publication of results and rankings, etc.);
  • You do not object to pictures being taken or video being shot during any stage of the championship and the publication thereof. The rights to these materials belong and remain to the organization of the tournament.
  • By registering, the organization and / or the location can not be held liable for physical and / or material damage on the day of the tournament.
  • All transferred and collected personal data in relation to the tournament is only for internal use by the organizers and will never be shared with other parties.

Registration fee : 40€ (incl lunch, snacks, coffee/tea, water), to be transferred to Rode Lotus BE38 3770 8170 6672 (BIC/SWIFT = BBRUBEBB). 

Registered players (max 48) :

  1. Sophie Delauche (BE) - def
  2. Raphael Pelgrims (BE) - def
  3. Henri Devillez (BE)
  4. Nathan Germeau (BE)
  5. Jos Dermout (BE) - def
  6. Chris De Roock (BE) - def
  7. Hui Xiang (BE)
  8. Sophie Kemper (BE)
  9. Thibault Vroonhove (BE)
  10. Angelo Curatolo (BE) - def
  11. Hilde Pevernagie (BE)
  12. Benjamin Kam (BE) - def
  13. Tom Cosaert (BE) - def
  14. Thomas Gonstas (BE)
  15. Rudi Kopmanis (BE)
  16. Tine Weckhuyzen (BE)
  17. Glenn Belis (BE) - def
  18. Piti Phanpanich (BE) - def
  19. Yoran Goyvaerts (BE) - def
  20. Pierre Chabert (BE) - def
  21. Joel Linh Van Leuven (BE)
  22. Arnaud Renard (BE) - def
  23. Luc René de Cotret (BE) - def
  24. Laurent Vamecq (BE) - def
  25. Timur Hahn (DE)
  26. Stéphane Commans (FR) - def
  27. Annie Manzo (FR)
  28. Bruno Manzo (FR)
  29. Christiane D'Angelo (FR)
  30. Jacqueline Oudshoorn (NL) - def
  31. Yuhao Zhou (BE) - def
  32. Aymeric Masson (BE) - def
  33. Haddou Keil (BE) - def
  34. Yaobin Shen (BE)
  35. Léonie Serrier (BE)
  36. Katarzyna Chabelska (PL)
  37. Manuel Kameda-Schlich (DE)
  38. Tian Hang (DE) - def
  39. Joël Ratsimandresy (FR) - def
  40. Sandra van Wijngaarden (NL) - def
  41. Olav Sommers (NL) - def
  42. Jasper Germeys (SW) 
  43. Anna Zubenko (UK)
  44. Marco Montebelli (IT)
  45. Marjoleine Lips (NL) - def
  46. Eveline Broers (NL) - def
  47. Gerda Van Oorschot (NL) - def
  48. Véronique Boisson (FR)

Waiting list :

49. Anastasia Veremenko (UK)

50. Ivar Bouwman (NL)

51. Hanneke Morel (NL)